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Utah Sprinkler Company*

*Servicing Davis and Weber Counties

Utah Sprinkler Company is very proud to serve our valued clients in Davis County, Utah. Our team has long years of experience in the business as we work with professional homeowners and contractors to render quality sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, drip systems and more. 

We have established our reputation as we listen and effectively respond to the unique and specific needs of all our valued clients and the environment as a whole. 

Offering the highest quality and most water-efficient sprinkler systems in the area, Utah Sprinkler System manages to stand out from the rest. We have been receiving positive reviews and testimonials through the years and we work hard to maintain our top spot in the industry.

Now is the time for you to test and try our expertise in transforming your needs into an affordable, effective and efficient investment in sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, and drip systems by getting in touch with us today!

Features of Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems 

Automatic underground irrigation systems or also known as in-ground irrigation systems or sprinkler systems are composed of zones of PVC or plastic pipes connected to the main water line being controlled by timers and valves. 

Sprinklers are then installed on these plastic pipes all over your lawn as well in the flower beds if needed. The controller will set the duration, time and date of water flow for each zone composed of a specific number of sprinkler heads. The mechanical operation can then be over-ridden with the use of a rain sensor to prevent overwatering. 

Professional Installation

Although it is very much possible to have an irrigation system installed by yourself, skills and experience is critical for the best results. The sprinkler system should be designed prior to laying a single pipe. Hardscaping, landscaping, shade, drainage, water volume, water pressure and shade slopes all undergo professional assessment during the design stage. There is also a need to coordinate with the water utility company and only those trained technicians and installers should connect to the main water line. 

Professional Service 

It doesn’t matter if the irrigation system is properly installed if it is not maintained properly. Since the ground freezes during winter months, all the sprinklers, valves and pipes must be emptied to prevent damages from freezing. When spring months come, the water must be turned on again and an inspection should be conducted to ensure that the system doesn’t have any leaks and the sprinklers didn’t fall out of adjustment during the winter season. 

When spring comes, most areas require a backflow device test to make sure that the irrigation water doesn’t get pulled back to the supply of drinking water. This test is done by certified and trained backflow device technicians. Within a year, it is best to enlist the help of our technicians at Utah Sprinkler Company to inspect your system and make sure that every part is working and functioning properly. 

Whenever you feel ready to add an irrigation, sprinkler or drip system to your property, contact us at Utah Sprinkler Company!