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Utah Sprinkler Company

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time to get a sprinkler system or you just want to replace or expand your existing one. The team at Utah Sprinkler Company can custom design and install the perfect sprinkler system just for you.

We understand and know that system specification and design are the secret for a successful and efficient sprinkler system. We install residential systems especially designed to use the newest technologies available to help you save essential resources, including your money and precious water.

new home sprinkler system utah

Home sprinkler installation is a fool-proof and easy way to ensure that the lawn of your home is properly taken care of during those dry and hot months. Proper installation is crucial as far as your home sprinkler system is concerned.

The land must be evaluated to avoid existing features in the yard, pipes should be installed and handled with care and parts of high quality should be used to guarantee longevity of your home sprinkler system.

drip system install utah

There is no need to drench your lawn or garden and your flower beds and ornamental trees in it. Wouldn’t it be better if you can give them water from underground? Drip systems deliver water straight to the root zone of grasses and plants in your landscape. The design also provides uniform distribution of water in every area.

As for water consumption, the design of drip irrigation is low volume and low pressure. Since there is no water runoff or evaporation, you can save irrigation time through keeping the roots moist instead of wet.

irrigation system install utah

Installing an irrigation system is among the best decisions and investments you can ever make to preserve and maintain the appearance of your existing or new landscape. A green and lush lawn, thriving shrubs, healthy trees as well as other softscape features rely heavily on sufficient water.

Long and short term droughts can cause stress on your plants and your lawn as a whole that can lead to damage and worse, dead spots. Our expert irrigation specialists will assess the water needs of your property to come up with the best system design that suits your landscaping.

sprinkler trenching utah

A hydrated and green lawn is crucial for you to enjoy your lawn and yard to the fullest. A green landscape is made simpler and easier to achieve with the help of a sprinkler system.

Having a new sprinkler system installed can sound like a daunting task but with our sprinkler system trenching service, we will make sure that it will be as stress-free and painless as you want it to be.

Our team will dig narrow trenches necessary for proper sprinkler installation while leaving minimal damages to your lawn area to ensure its fast recovery after the trenches have been filled in.

With the use of a trenching machine, we will cut an open trench, manually place the pipe and backfill the opening.

Our irrigation system trenching experts will suggest the most effective and efficient way to finish the job and we will also send out a team to handle the job professionally.

We will secure the area before the start of the project so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

lawn curbing utah

The best way to make your landscaping really pop is to install lawn curbing around your lawns and flower beds. We provide full service lawn curbing solutions.

Don’t break you back laying sod! Allow us, the experts, to do that hard work for you! We specialize in Sod Installation service in in Ogden, Kaysville, Layton, Syracuse. We service all of Davis and Weber county Utah.

Do you need affordable sod delivered to your home or business? We are here to help! Utah sprinkler company is the #1 Sod Supplier in Northern Utah. We service in Ogden, Kaysville, Layton, Syracuse, Bountiful areas. We also cover every city in Davis and Weber county Utah!