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As your local sprinkler and irrigation company, Utah Sprinkler Company is now here to make this task so much simpler, easier and more convenient than ever before! We will help you automate the tedious task of watering your garden and lawn.

Whether you need new sprinkler installations, new drip systems or new irrigation systems in Utah, you can count on us to deliver only the best and highest quality services like no other!

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We Install Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems in Utah

Utah Sprinkler Company is the leading provider of custom-designed and installed underground sprinkler, irrigation and drip systems.

Our team designs, installs and maintains efficient and effective systems that will keep your property beautiful and appealing all year-round.

As the one-stop go-to company for your irrigation and sprinkler needs, we have all the necessary equipment, experience, skills and knowledge required to quickly install complete systems wouldn’t causing any damages on your lawn or landscape. We provide the most comprehensive services with the most competitive rates to our residential clients.

We are knowledgeable about irrigation, sprinkler and drip systems and their installation. With years of experience in the industry of sprinkler and irrigation industry, Utah Sprinkler Company is very proud to be among the premier sprinkler contractors in the area that helps homeowners solve all of their sprinkler concerns in most areas in Utah. We are fully licensed and certified irrigation and sprinkler professionals who are always ready to offer the best solutions for your lawn needs and requirements.

The Leading New Sprinkler Company in Utah

As your most qualified local irrigation and sprinkler company, we take great pride in our process and how we carry out the job given to us:

  • We know who to get in touch with regarding pipes and wires before we start digging. 
  • We will take our time evaluation the specific and unique watering needs of your landscape. 
  • We are familiar with all the local restrictions on watering that allows us to program your systems properly. 
  • We will individualize your sprinkler, irrigation and drip system design to know that it caters to what best suits your lawn or garden.

Do You Even Need a Sprinkler System?

Here at Utah Sprinkler System, you will now be able to keep your yard and lawn green and healthy with no need for you to waste your precious time and money. Our sprinkler systems release just the right quantity of water at the right time in all the right areas to help your yard heal fast from under-watering or over-watering.

It’s Time for You to Be Environmentally Possible

A needless wastage of water can negatively affect the water supply in your area and may even lead to high water bills and overflowing sewers. To solve this concern, Utah Sprinkler Company combines time-tested and proven designs with the most state of the art technology to come up with remarkably eco-friendly sprinkler, irrigation and drip systems. Most of our clients enjoy reduced water usage and the upgraded services end up paying for themselves in a matter of years.

A good irrigation and sprinkler system is among the best and easiest ways to achieve and maintain a healthy and lush lawn and still be able to conserve water at the same time. Utah Sprinkler Company helps you enjoy the best of the best of both worlds.

What Type of Sprinkler Suits You Best?

As your professional sprinkler company, we will present to you a variety of services based on the specific types of plants that you have and the overall nature and condition of your property. Flowers, trees and lawns in general all need customized and specialized care just like residential properties. Utah Sprinkler Company can inspect and assess your property and guide you in making a decision on the type of sprinklers that will suit your landscape and home the most.

New Irrigation System Designs at Utah Sprinkler Company

An irrigation system design can help transform the lawns of our clients into lush and stunning green landscapes such as the ones you see in magazines. Similar to car maintenance, our irrigation experts will also keep a close eye on your irrigation systems.

A good irrigation system all starts with the right design and the most professional installation. The success of your landscape will all depend on a fully and properly functioning system and the best way to ensure it is through regular maintenance checks and routine adjustments.

Our team of specialists will perform standard system checks to ensure that your system will produce the most efficient and effective practices in watering possible. During your schedule appointment, our technicians will go through and refer to your existing plan for watering, check the alignment of in-ground sprinkler heads and educate on the newest technology we will use to ensure that your plants and lawn will get the right water quantity on the changes in the season and the natural rain amounts in your place. 

Water is crucial for grass and plants so our objective is to maximize the growth of your plants and retain the good health of all your plant materials.

Are You Overwatering?

Here are the most common signs that you are over-watering your lawn or garden:

  • Weak grass
  • Limp grass
  • Overgrowth that requires mowing on a more frequent basis
  • Prolonged sessions

Are You Underwatering?

These are the signs to watch out for to know if your landscape is under-watered:

  • Dry soil
  • Wilted and dry grass
  • Slowed down growth of grass
  • Slow rebound after grass is stepped on

Utah Sprinkler Company for Residential New Irrigation Installations

Utah Sprinkler Company installs the best irrigation systems for both average sized residential properties and larger estates.

An irrigation system is the most ideal landscape solution for all homeowners as it helps save you from physical labor and save money and time as well. With in-ground sprinkler systems, your yard will soon become the envy among your neighbors and even your entire community.

The top benefits of residential sprinkler systems include the following:

  • Timed and automatic cycling will help prevent under-watering and over-watering.
  • You can set the system to water your garden even if you are not at home.
  • Save yourself from the need to drag around those bulky hoses.
  • Lower the price of expensive landscaping services.
  • Increase the selling value of your house.

Irrigation and Its Benefits

Why should you install an underground automatic irrigation system, you ask? When the months get hot, it is only normal for grass to be dried up and get scorched. Even when you hard all the time to hand water your lawn, there is still a good chance that you won’t achieve the right soil saturation that every part of your landscape needs. You might even end up wasting more money if you over-water certain areas of your lawn. But, with a new irrigation installation, you will save yourself from hassle, money, and water.

Smart Irrigation Makes Everything Easy and Simple

Water conservation is of utmost importance to Utah Sprinkler Company. The last thing you want is for your sprinkler system to still water your lawn even if the rain pouring down. This is why our company provides smart irrigation systems to prevent these annoyances.

Convenience at Its Finest

An automatic sprinkler system will also ensure that watering is done consistently. You could set the desired schedule so that the system can do all the job on your behalf. You can even go on that much needed vacation with no need for you to worry if your grass is still alive once you get back home. Busy homeowners will also have the peace of mind knowing that they no longer have to bother with turning on the system or monitoring the time to ensure that they don’t miss their watering schedule.

Full Coverage Watering Guaranteed

Utah Sprinkler Company will develop several zones in your landscape or yard. It will ensure that every single aspect of the lawn, from the grass to shrubs, trees and flower beds will all get the optimal amount of water.

Get Professional New Irrigation Installation at Utah Sprinkler Company

A carefully designed and installed irrigation system will always provide the right quantity of water required for your landscape, trees and plants to survive and thrive while promoting water conservation. Once set on timers, the property can withstand the hottest months in Utah. Allow us to help and guide you identify the irrigation system that will work best for you home. 

Unique Irrigation Systems for Unique Watering Needs

Through the years, Utah Sprinkler Company has been working with our valued clients around Davis County for every aspect of their irrigation requirements. Contact us to get a free estimate on the installation of your new irrigation systems. 

Common Problems with Irrigation 

Here are the most common irrigation concerns that most homeowners face:

  • Sprinkler rotors or spray heads are misaligned, spraying spots that don’t require water.
  • Sprinkler rotor heads or spray heads are set too low so they don’t spray on top of the grass.
  • Zone valves are already too old and no longer shut off or turn on.
  • Zone valves leak or don’t close properly that can leave build-up of water around the rotor heads or spray heads. 
  • PVC pipes cracks or bursts underground. 
  • Timer or controller box doesn’t work properly due to a faulty zone valve, bad battery or poor wiring. 

If you suspect that there is a leak or any other issue, feel free to call us to check your irrigation system and install a new one if the problem is already beyond repair. 

Contact our specialists right away and let us solve your irrigation worries right away. 

Utah Sprinkler Company is Your Trusted Choice Among Irrigation and Sprinkler Companies

Choosing the best company out of all the local irrigation and sprinkler companies is one of the most crucial steps to ensure that your lawn or garden will receive proper treatment. We have certified technicians who will install the automatic sprinklers and irrigations that can keep your landscape protected and help with the maintenance and health of all your plant material while promoting water conservation at the same time. Call Utah Sprinkler Company today to schedule your consultation. 

The Most Premium Sprinkler and Irrigation Service in Davis County, Utah 

This is the best year for you to invest in unbeatable service for your property. Utah Sprinkler Company has established our business on offering premium sprinkler installation in the area for all homeowners.  

Our installation services have helped us earn the stellar reputation of being affordable, proactive and high quality. We believe that everyone deserves a blooming garden and gorgeous lawn with no need to see their budget go down the drain. Now, it has become easier than ever before to schedule expert sprinkler and irrigation installation services. 

For a low upfront price with no hidden fees, you can expect for expert installation of your irrigation and sprinkler system. We only work with the best technicians with the necessary skills and the commitment to track down even the tiniest leaks and ensure that your newly installed system will never suffer from the same problems again. We are adept at installing sprinkler, irrigation and drip systems.

Expect Only the Best from Utah Sprinkler Company 

Utah Sprinkler Company has years of combined expertise and knowledge in the sprinkler and irrigation industry. Let us help you ensure the growth and health of your lawn as we consider the different zones, sun exposures and elevations of your yard. Learn more about us today!