Sprinkler System Trenching

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Utah Sprinkler Trenching

It isn’t an easy feat to dig a trench for a sprinkler system. This is not something you can do with a shovel alone nor is it the kind of job that you can do on your own. Good thing that the experts at Utah Sprinkler Company are here to help you with sprinkler system trenching so you can have lesser worries in your hands. 

Trenchless sprinkler system installation has gained popularity for the past few years. This is a particular method wherein only a small trench is dug. A pipe pulling machine will then pull out the sprinkler pipes out to different parts of the yard and set up the sprinkler system with no need to dig any trench for installing every section of the sprinkler pipes. 

But, pipe pulling method has several drawbacks as compared to the benefits of the traditional sprinkler system trenching.

The benefits of sprinkler system trenching include:

Sprinkler System Trenching Offers Full Depth Control

Probably the biggest advantage associated with the use of trenches during the installation of sprinkler systems is that this gives full depth control once the trenches are dug. You will be able to decide the exact depth of the trenches that will be dug in different areas of the yard. The pipes will also be installed at the correct depth according to your own preferences. 

If the pipe pulling system is used, the system will angle the pipes at a slight angle. It could make the pipes a little lower or higher than what you really want. Sadly, it is not simple to get the pipes at the correct depth that you like them using the pipe pulling system and this is where sprinkler system trenching comes in handy. 

Sprinkler System Trenching Keeps Pipes Free from Damages 

Another benefit of sprinkler system trenching is that you will have the assurance that damages won’t be incurred by the pipes once these are laid in trenches and dirt is shoveled to cover them. There are instances when pipe pulling machines can be quite rough, causing the pipes to chip or crack as they go through rocky or hard soil. You might not even notice the problem until you turn on the sprinklers and notice flooding. 

Sprinkler System Trenching Reduces Risks of Underground Damage 

The last but definitely not the least advantage of sprinkler system trenching is that they reduce the risk to the items present underground like electrical lines and gas lines. When digging a trenching, digging is done from the ground surface downward. For this reason, you can see the plastic coated and marked lines before you even hit them. A single small trench is dug when a pipe pulling machine is used. This machine will send out the pipes horizontally that can cause them to hit electrical lines or gas lines and cause damages to them. 

Despite the rising popularity of trenchless sprinkler system installations, this method comes with several drawbacks. Here at Utah Sprinkler Company, we offer sprinkler system trenching services that will give you the results you need and want.