Drip System Installations

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Utah Drip System Install

Drip irrigation systems or also known as tickle irrigation systems are a special type of irrigation wherein water gets dripped to the soil at very low rates, often at 2 to 20 liters every hour, from the network of plastic pipes with the outlets called drip emitters.

What sets it apart from other forms of irrigation systems is that water gets applied near the plants so that the only wet area are the parts of the soil with present roots. Drip system is different from sprinkler irrigation as well as other irrigation systems wherein the entire soil profile gets wetted.

This particular approach is useful on almost all kinds of landscapes. In the case of steep slopes, planting is carried out along the contour lines with the water supply lines laid along this contour to preserve strong discharge rates regardless of elevation.

Drip system can be used on all types of soil, too. As for clay soil, the supply of water is at a much slower rate to ensure that surface water ponding and runoff won’t occur. On landscapes with sand, the rates of application are increased to guarantee that the soil has enough lateral wetting.

Advantages of Drip System Installations by Utah Sprinkler Company 

There are several obvious benefits to drip system installations. Sprinkler systems can unnecessarily waste lots of water. With moisture being sprayed in the air, lots of water ends up lost in the atmosphere way before it touches the plants. In the hotter and drier parts of the state, the water might even evaporate or get diverted by the wind before it reaches your thirsty and dry lawn. 

You don’t have to worry about these problems if you opt to have a drip system installed. Drip system installations are done directly below or above each plant, which means that only a minimal amount of water will get wasted, if there is any. In fact, there are studies that revealed that the efficiency of drip systems can reach as much as 90%. 

Benefits of drip system installations by Utah Sprinkler Company

Better control 

A traditional sprinkler has the tendency to apply excessive water in just the same spot that can lead to over-saturation. It can be very dangerous to plants, can lead to the growth of pesky weeds and even cause fungal diseases. With drip systems, water will be dripped over the plant only at controlled rates to eliminate such side effects. 

More savings

Since lesser water is used, after some time, you will get to enjoy substantial savings for your water expenses. The drip system could be set on a timer that will control the flow rate to give you more savings.

Less maintenance 

Only minimal maintenance is required if you have a drip irrigation system. Just ensure that the tubing and emitters are clog-free. During winter, don’t forget to cover the tubes’ ends, drain the lines, and store the expensive parts like regulators and filters safely and properly. 

Easy installation 

You will be paying less for drip system installations even if you hire our team at Utah Sprinkler Company. 

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