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Landscape Designer in Ogden, Kaysville, Syracuse Utah

At Utah Sprinkler Co, we know landscaping. We’re your local sprinkler and landscape design experts and can get your property looking its best. We offer plenty of landscaping services throughout Salt Lake City — learn more about us here.

We do it all from the initials concept design, to trenching, sprinklers, sod, trees, plants, cement work, curbing, pavers, patios you name it!

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Sprinklers/Irrigation Systems

If you’re tired of dragging the hose around the yard and using too much water during summer, then it’s time to switch over to sprinklers. Our sprinklers are sure to help you conserve water while they evenly cover your whole yard. We ensure that our sprinklers are calibrated to be more water-efficient and will also save you from high water bills. At Utah Sprinkler Co, we install systems that run during the most optimum hours of the day and divide them into individual zones that need varying amounts of water. For a consultation on sprinkler price and installation, give us a call today.

Grading Services

If your yard isn’t level or doesn’t have proper drainage, you’ll need a team of professionals to perform the grading, excavation, and installation of topsoil for you. As the leading authority in these projects and more in Salt Lake City, we’re the first ones people come to. Because grading is essential, it needs to be done with care and precision. The process of excavation, grading, and installation of topsoil promotes plant growth, water conservation, as well as a beautiful landscape.

Curbing Services

If you’re looking to match the style and look of your home to your curbing, then we’ll get the job done. We offer customized curbing that lets you get the design and color for the stamped pattern you want. Curbing can be installed in an existing yard and can help to provide divisions while maintaining a custom look.

Topsoil Services

Utah Sprinkler Co delivers top-quality and screened topsoil, colored dyed mulch, and organic natural mulch by the truckload throughout the state. No order is too large for us, and we have wide areas full of topsoil and mulch that’s perfect for planters, sod, flower beds, and more.

Flower Bed Services

When you want to construct a flower bed, you need to consider working with us. Not only do we provide a sturdy bed for you to get started with, but we also cover everything you need for maintenance. We also offer soil and bricks which will go nicely onto your flower bed. Finally, we provide flowers that you can use for your flowerbeds. While it might just come down to taste for some people, there are actually a few things you need to consider when selecting flowers for your flower bed:

  • Annuals: These are the kind of flowers we all know and love. Usually bright and popular, they will likely only last a year, so they need to be replanted. Some examples of these plants are zinnias, petunias, and marigolds.
  • Perennials: These flowers have a general lifespan of three to five years and will generally keep your flower box nice and fresh. The most well-known examples of these are tulips, lilies, and daffodils.