Sod Installation

installing sod at a residential property

Utah Sprinkler Co. - For All Your Sodding Needs in Utah

Utah Sprinkler Co. is the premier sod installation company servicing the great state of Utah.

Here at Utah Sprinkler Co, we want to give our customers the beautiful home that they deserve with our sod installation services.

By working with us, you won’t need to wait for your lawn to become lush and verdant. Our expert sod installers have years of experience in giving our customers a gorgeous and healthy lawn without you lifting a finger.

Sod? Do You Mean Turf?

Sod is a thin layer of grass and soil that is held together by the roots or by a sheet of material. In the US, sod can also be referred to as “turf”. But they’re not exactly the same. While sod is held together by matter roots, turfs are not.

Installing sod on your garden or lawn is a quick and affordable way to make the area visually appealing. Sod can also make the area more suitable as a play area for children or pets, or as an outdoor dining area for when you have company.

How Do Our Experts Install Sod?

When you hire us, our experienced team of sod installers will come to your home and take over the whole installation process from start to finish. Their services will include:

  • Removing old grass, weed, and other debris in the soil
  • Leveling the soil surface
  • Grading the soil to ensure proper drainage
  • Expertly laying down the sod to produce a smooth and uniform texture across your lawn
  • Setting up an irrigation system for your sod to remain healthy and robust

Why Choose Us?

Here at Utah Sprinkler Co., we want to make the process of sod installation as easy and hassle-free as possible for our customers. You won’t need to buy sod or provide any equipment—we’ll handle everything!

If you’re interested in giving your lawn the makeover it deserves, contact us today!