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Utah Sprinkler Co. - The #1 Sod Supplier in Utah

For all your sod installation needs in Utah, Utah Sprinkler Co. is your top choice!

Sod installation, when done right, will give your lawn a beautiful and eye-catching look. However, this is not an easy or quick process for the average homeowner. So why not skip all the hard work and get straight to the part where you can enjoy your gorgeous lawn?

Here at Utah Sprinkler Co., we’re happy to do all the dirty and sodding work for you! We are the number one sod supplier and installer in Utah. We also offer full-service sprinkler installation and maintenance.

Where Do We Get Our Sod?

We buy our sod at wholesale prices from third-party vendors, that way we can give you the best possible pricing in Utah. We also ensure that our customers receive the best locally grown sod possible. Because they’re grown here, the grass is already used to our weather and soil.

The result? Vibrant and robust sod that we’re very proud to offer to our customers!

What Kind of Grass Do We Use for Sod?

For our sod, we use grass species that are well-suited to Utah weather conditions. We use two species: Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue.

Our team of trained sod installers will recommend which species would be better suited for your law. After all, even if they’re well adjusted and locally grown, some parts of Utah may have different weather and soil conditions.

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Don’t leave your sod installation to chance. Hire us, and we guarantee that you’re getting professional and reliable sod installation services at competitive prices. We’re Utah’s number one sod supplier for a reason!